‘Just One More Please’ – IB Art 2

IB Art Project 2: ‘Just one more please!’ 10/9/2017    Mingi Webber   Period 8   My project was related to beginnings and my own personal theme, addictions. In fact, I relate to this whole project, as it was based around my younger brother. He has a rather serious addiction to gum. It’s fine to like gum,… Continue Reading ‘Just One More Please’ – IB Art 2

‘Plushification’ – IB Art 1

IB Art Project 1: ‘Plushification’ 9/10/2017    Mingi Webber    Period 8 (All of the pictures are on my website I’m sending with this journal) Extra pictures all the way on the bottom! This is the first piece of my project that related to my theme, addictions. This piece shows off quite a strange addiction, plushification. Plushification… Continue Reading ‘Plushification’ – IB Art 1